MOTM 2010 Demo

by Massacre of the Megafauna

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With surprising and refreshing swiftness, our wee demo has come together most satisfactorily. Though we have taken a good while over it, snatching sessions at Hiram HQ with Tuffnut twiddling his knobs as and when we could, I think it’s fair to say that we are quietly confident that this recording will put smiles on faces and definitely showcases some of the subtler points of MOTM… stuff that maybe got lost on the last recording (which was executed in double quick time…)

We stuck to our wee plan, were all determined and focused… and G was/is a godsend… and what we’ve ended up with is 3 tracks of prime-cut mammoth...

As mentioned in previous messages, the CD (available from the 24th July and all other gigs for the extortionate sum of £1) will feature 2 tracks (“Kill Your Boss” and “Say What You Mean; Mean What You Say”) which we have already played at shows, so are not technically ‘new’. But the third track “Rumsfeld’s Unspoken Fourth Epistemological Insight” is brand new… and is, in my opinion, the most interesting and challenging of the tracks…

…but whatever…




released October 18, 2010

Luke - Battery
Ron - Guitars
Jim - Guitars
T'ex - Bass
Bing - Voice

Recorded @ Hiram HQ
Artwork by Jonathon Wells



all rights reserved


Massacre of the Megafauna Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Say What You Mean
Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say.

Doesn’t matter what you say or what you do you’re wrong!
I’ll do nigh on anything to watch you fucking fail!
Antagonise your very soul like a reflection!

Disciples of pure joy;
Resist the habits of the Wild.

Say what you mean and you’ll be heard,
But mean what you say with every word!

Be certain when you think,
That you think that you are certain!
Say only that which you deem to be the fucking truth!
Resist the habits of the Wild!

Yeah, Fuck knows it ain't easy,
To resist the defensive reaction!
And when you're good there's no pat on the back.
But to break a mould it must first crack!

In our struggle against sorrow,
Hope based on truth,
Is our only guiding light,
Truth’s a fucking guiding light,
It’s a guiding light!

In our struggle to preserve tomorrow,
Hope based on truth,
Is our only guiding light,
Truth’s a fucking guiding light,
It’s a guiding light!
Track Name: Kill Your Boss
Kill Your Boss

My face smeared clear of tears,
All my toil broke.
Through the dust and rubble,
Green shoots hint at hope!

Who says life is shirt,
Brief days belong alone to Youth!
And though it's known that life is oh so long,
Few see blessings accumulate.

No reward for Life's labour.
For pay, I would gladly kill!

Stone, squared by chisel and plumb,
Will crumble and weather in to motes.
And in the slime I will till and sow,
The harvest will repay my toil!

But I've seen a man surrender,
And it damned both him and me!
He didn't pick a single fight that he entered,
And this ain't the way it has to be!

Bricks and mortar, proud structures;
Real? What's real when they fall?

Plant a seed - Crops will feed.

No ammount of construction,
can stop the surge of the well loved roots!

You can't stop the surge of the well loved roots!
You can't stop the surge!
Track Name: Rumsfeld's Unspoken Fourth Epistemological Insight
Rumsfeld’s Fourth Unspoken Epistemological Insight.

No!!! Do I really have to talk you through all this again?
Not Again!!!
And while it might suit you to not understand, your fucking foolishness ain’t foolin’ no motherfucker!

So we’ll be burned by the hell-fires we’ve made and claim we didn’t know that fire burns!

Ride! It’s just fuckin’ ride – so say the saviours and seers!
But behind closed doors and in secret room our ‘leaders’ build up pyres and stoke the memory holes!
They know! They just fuckin’ know that if we ever wake up from this trance…

They’ll be burned on the hell-fires they’ve made and then they’ll plainly know that fire burns…
In an honest world he’d say we didn’t know that fire burns…

You said you didn’t know but you know…
You said you didn’t know but you know you know…

Obey for pay; spend yourself while meaning nothing at the same time!
Don’t make, just take! Buy new, eat more, think less: satisfied!
Win, don’t lose; run a race that you never even entered!
It’s real, it’s all – Fuck up now and you motherfucking go down!!!

Everyone knows that you are the greatest source of revolution in the fucking world!

Trust yourself what you know,
Armed, informed, undeceived
Lust for peace, unified!
We can and will change everything even if we don’t live to see those days!
We are not safe!